Kris has designed over a thousand brochures, flyers and direct mailers over the past 20 years. A brochure is an advertising document generally folded into a flyer, pamphlet or leaflet used to introduce a company or organization and inform readers about products and/or services. This can take the form of point-of-sale, leave-behinds, inquiry response and direct mail. A point-of-sale brochure should be designed to get potential customers to see your information and be curious enough to pick it up and keep it. Leave-behinds should provide a description of your product and services to entice a potential client to take action to find out more information about what you offer. Inquiry response is given out to a qualified client who has already expressed interest.  Direct mail acts as a sales pitch and should be designed accordingly.

Options: Half-Fold for simple presentations; Classic Tri-Fold for basic brochure uses; Single Gate Fold for artistic designs; Four-Panel Fold for promotional leaflets and programs; Double-Gate Fold for large presentations;  Z Fold for mailers or handouts; and Four-Panel Accordion Fold for content heavy designs. There are also Four-Panel Roll Fold; Die-cut Z Fold; Five-Panel Accordion Fold; Tri-Fold + Half-Fold; Tri-Fold + Z Fold; Eight-Panel Roll Fold; Half-Fold + Half-Fold; 16-Panel Fold and more.

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